November 6 – Belize 2017

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We left this morning at 6:45 a.m. as we anticipated having to get to the school (Kings College) for outreach by 8:00 a.m. On route we found out they didn’t know we were coming, and they asked if we could come at 10:30 instead. So while we waited we decided to make a side trip to a Mayan temple site near the school called Altun Ha. There we looked around at the various places of worship to false gods and just marveled how we all knew the one true God. We did our devotions on the top of one of the pagan temple sites.

After this it was time to go to Kings College. When we arrived at the school we found that they were very receptive to the team. We ministered to them with a couple of songs and then brother John shared his testimony of the faithfulness of God to a little boy of 12, which he then told us was himself, and how that God has carried him ever since. Afterwards, Pam used the rope illusion to illustrate the gospel message. She had a very attentive audience and they were all rather shocked at the trick she did. This was followed with a message from Brother Michael. He used the sketchboard to present the gospel and did a great job of illustrating why we are separated from God and how we can have a present relationship with him and be certain of a home in heaven.

After a lunch of fried chicken and rice the team headed out to 8 mile (also called Western Paradise) and started to do door-to-door. We broke up in four teams of two and each team had several good opportunities to tell of God’s wonderful love to us in giving us his Son: two police officers at the police station, four local toughs playing poker, seven friends who listened intently and raised good questions, and a JW who asked whether there was a heaven and a hell and asked about the many denominations, among many others. After finishing door-to-door, the team headed back to home base and had an easy night, getting ready to do it all again the next day (although it will be a bit busier).

Here are a few people who the team shared the gospel with fairly extensively and we pray God would show them their need of Him. Please pray with us for …. Ann Marie, Dean, Claudia, Kyla, Rosalina, Gail, Yanira, Timothy, Billy, Octavia and Simone, among many, many others.

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