Ireland 2018 – May 31 2018

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This morning we had a team devotion with Ron Hampton. After the team said good bye to Morgan as he is headed back to Canada today. He is meeting his wife Beverlea and they are travelling to PA, USA to attend MOP together. MOP is Missionary Orientation Program put on jointly by MSC Canada and CMML. After Morgan left for the airport the team did some letterboxing. For lunch we were joined by Kathy and Mary. In the afternoon the team went out on the doors. Several good conversations were had. The team arrived back at Glenmaris house late in the afternoon. We enjoyed a delicious supper with Ron and Robin at Darwin and Regina Gleeson’s house. About 8 pm we joined Kathy to visit with two traveller families. The first lady, Bitsy, was stuck by tragedy over a year ago.  The house her sister and unborn child, her niece, her two kids and herself were staying at caught on fire. She was the only one to survive, waking up in hospital 3 months later. The first thing we noticed was a large shrine outside her home. Travellers will quite often have one when they experience loss. Her physical scars may be healing well but the emotional scars are still raw. The team simply listened to and tried to comfort her. We also sang some songs for her, including In Christ Alone and Peace Like a River. She is not saved, and we pray that one day she will accept Christ as her personal saviour, as He is the ultimate comforter and healer of wounds. On our way back to the car Tim shared the three rope trick for four children, We then visited with a family who is saved. Tina and her two girls were home when we stopped by. Tina told us her testimony of how after her mother’s death she has such peace and comfort. All the stress melted away and she was able to rest in the fact that her Mom was safe in heaven. Her family and the traveller community in general are struck by tragedy after tragedy, whether it is a deadly fire or suicide. We are so thankful that this family has come to know the Lord Jesus and that He can help them though the pain and loss. After we visited with her and her two girls we prayed for them. We then said good bye to Kathy and headed back to Glenmaris.

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