Ireland 2018 – May 30 2018

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The mornings are getting later after the excitement of starting in a new area (Dublin) wore off, at least for me. I am getting more sleep and sacrificing breakfast. In the morning we had a team devotion with Len from Shankill Bible Church. We then did some letter boxing and got about 500 magazines out! We were actually sweating it was so warm. The Irish people keep thanking us for bringing the warm weather as it is very unusual. Back at Glenmaris the post man rode up on his bike. He asked us if we were the ones I saw distributing the magazines? We said we were, “ahh,” he said, “I should have given you the mail!” We all had a good laugh over that. We were invited over to Kathy and Jim’s house for lunch. They work specifically with the Irish travellers. They have a young traveller staying with them who joined us for lunch. She has heard the gospel but has not made a confession yet. Morgan did he rope trick for her and Lisa shared her testimony. The lunch was delicious! It is great getting to know more missionaries: seeing where they live and talking with them. Kathy’s life story is amazing! She has had quite a hard life but she is still following and trusting the Lord regardless. Next we went to the promenade at Bray to do some open air. Tim did the sketch board, and we talked with a few people and passed out a tracks. We were told after that we were not able to distribute leaflets, so we simply tried to start conversations. Morgan did the rope trick with a couple kids and boy named Kevin was very responsive. He was into magic so he was fascinated with the three rope and the two cards trick. He took a gospel of John and said he would read it. There were also some good conversations with some other people. Next we headed to Matt and Dolores’ house for supper. Matt used to be a chef so we had some amazing lasagna with salad, baked potato and garlic bread. Desert was rhubarb crumble with vanilla ice cream. The crumble was very fine, it melted in your mouth and the sweet and sour balance was perfect. We had some good fellowship and shared stories then we went back to Glenmaris!

Please pray for Kathy and Jim and their work with the traveler. As well, please pray for Kevin, who listened well to the gospel and for the other people who heard the gospel.

Olivia for the team

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