Ireland 2018 – May 25 2018

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It was another warm and sunny day here in Ireland. We’ve been so blessed with such good weather! Today our day began with a team devotion at Waterford Christian Assembly led by David Wilson on the Attributes of God, dealing primarily with the sovereignty of God. The team then headed out to letterbox for about an hour and a half. After an early lunch we headed to downtown Waterford to do open air evangelism. We set up the sketchboard and literature table in the busy city centre. Tim and Lucian preached using the sketchboard while other members of the team watched attentively, trying to draw a crowd. The team members also handed out tracts and used the rope trick and other illusions to share the gospel. David and Beth Wilson joined us for the afternoon, and Brian Johnson later with his 10 year old daughter who handed out tracts like a pro. The team members had a positive and encouraging time, and are looking forward to going back tomorrow! We were invited for supper tonight at Wayne and Cara’s, a couple from Waterford Christian Assembly. The meal was delicious and the fellowship excellent. We were entertained with stories from South Africa, where Wayne and Cara are both originally from. We headed back to the Johnson’s about 10 pm. Tomorrow is our last full day in Waterford. We will be heading to Dublin Sunday May 27 2018 for another week of gospel outreach.
Please pray for:
-the referendum results: the votes will be tallied and the results available Saturday
-those who have received literature this week or had the gospel shared with them at their door or on the street, that the Holy Spirit would be at work in there lives so that they would come to know Jesus Christ as their personal saviour
-the team: for physical and emotional strength to be renewed as we finish up our outreach in Waterford and head to Dublin on Sunday
Kathryn for the team
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    • Richard A.Douglas
    • May 27, 2018

    Hi wayne and Cara & kids. Lovely shot of the bridge. Praying you on..

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