Ireland 2018 – May 21 2018

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Today we had our first day of action! We started off our day with breakfast at the Johnsons house; they have been such an awesome host family. At 8:45 we left for Waterford Christian Assembly where we had a team devotion led by David Wilson. Each day this week the team will meet with David and other members of the assembly for a devotion on the attributes of God. Today we started with Genesis 1-3. After the devotion we split up into teams and did letterboxing, delivering a gospel based magazine into mail slots of homes in Waterford. I was with Mr. Johnson and Eden, his seven year old daughter! If the mailbox had a no junk mail or no cold calling sign on it we would then knock and offer the magazine. Some still took the magazine despite the no junk mail sticker. Eden was so cute, making comments as we went from door to door. She was very eager to give people she saw on the street a magazine too. The houses here have very interesting character which I think is unique and beautiful! The apartment houses will be painted different colors right down the middle of the house as the apartment sections change. Many homes have brightly painted doors as well. At 1pm we then met back at the church for lunch and soon after headed out for door to door! We prayed first then divided into teams of two. Tim was my partner. We armed ourselves with different tracks and literature. The team met many people who were responsive and many good conversations were had. One of the methods we used on the door was a survey approach that I did with many people to get the conversation started. Often when we had a good conversation started some distraction would happen from kids crying to a loud TV in the other room or a phone ringing. It seems that the devil is working overtime whenever the Lord is. We have found a good number of people are atheistic in their beliefs although still claiming to be Catholic. Tim is a man of illustrations so I learned a lot of different really good illustrations to explain the gospel. I also learned some Irish phrases, one was “how are you keeping?” Most people here are “Catholic” in name only but would still go to Mass. When I got tired of going from door to door I reminded myself that this is the most important thing we could ever do and that we are fighting for people’s souls. At five we headed back to the church and shared with the team about the different people we had met and talked to. Then we had a time of prayer. For supper we went to the house of one of the families from the assembly. They are a Nigerian family, and they served us delicious, spicy food from their home country. We also heard some great stories of the culture in Nigeria! We had quite the adventurousness ride back to the Johnsons house, Tim is a wild driver! Before we went to bed we practiced some songs that we are going to sing for the midweek meeting Wednesday night at Kilkenny Christian Assembly. It has been a great day!

Olivia for the team

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