November 12 – Belize 2017

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Today was the teams’ last day together as a collective outreach. This morning team members went to three different meetings: John to Western Paradise; Keith to Grace Chapel; and Bruce to the Open Door. The messages were received well and those who heard the messages were greatly encouraged. The remainder of the day had most of the team preparing for the final outreach: the gospel meeting at Western Paradise Bible Chapel (also known as 8 mile). We were encouraged to see so many people from the community that we invited come out despite rain showers. Here in Belize when it rains people generally do not go out. So that encouraged us greatly. At the meeting brother John shared his testimony of how God kept care of a young boy in spite of bad circumstances and cared for his family as well, which was very touching. Keith, who has very quickly learned the gospel rope trick, shared the gospel illusion very effectively. Tim finished the evening off with a sketch board message, which many in the audience had never seen before and all seemed to enjoy. After the gospel appeal at the end several were engaged in conversation and one lady named Filipa got saved!! Praise the Lord for this! Another lady, Rosanna and her husband Rafael, were very interested. When Rosanna was asked if she was saved she replied, “not yet”, and was crying. The gospel was shared again with her and it was explained that she could get saved anytime but that she should not put it off. Please continue to pray for Sean and Vera and Olive and Allen as they will follow up with these individuals and others. All in all it was very encouraging and we pray that all the seed sown will bear fruit for His Glory.

-Tim for the team

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