Ireland 2019 – July 5

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Today we started our last day with Shankill summer project once again with the leader devotion time. Kevin spoke on 1 Kings 18, talking about how the power of God can boldly be proclaimed even in seemingly insignificant work. The goal is trying to be led of the Lord as Elijah was (v 1). Obedience brings blessing. Elijah was bold to obey the Lord, and was blessed abundantly. We are Christ’s ambassadors, and we too can can be bold to share our faith in obedience to the Lord. And like Elijah acknowledged, all the glory should go to the Lord (v 36).

Today Katie G, Caleb and Larissa did a puppet show with the Professor and Geoff for the Bible time message. Katie was the MC and shared her testimony while Caleb and Larissa were the Professor and Geoff in the puppet show. Larissa and Caleb gave the quiz.

Katie G was the MC for the puppet show and shared her testimony
Geoff and the Professor, aka Larissa and Caleb
Larissa and Caleb giving the quiz
A big thanks to Katie G, Caleb and Larissa for all their hard work this week at summer project

We had a great week with Shankill Bible Church working with them on their summer project. After we were done for the day we travelled to Kilkenny, arriving at Kilkenny Christian Assembly about 7 pm. We headed to the chipper for a delicious takeaway dinner and then ice cream afterwards, spontaneously bursting into song and dance. You can find a video of our routine on the eTeams Facebook page. One older gentleman nearby was enjoying the music, and when we started singing “Blessed Assurance” he even sang along with us!

All ready to go to Kilkenny!
Got to have those road trip snacks – Katy W knows what’s up
We made it to Kilkenny Christian Assembly, our home for the next week
We found the chipper!

It was a long week so we were thankful to have a relaxing evening in Kilkenny.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the team. You can find daily updates, pictures and videos from the team on the eTeams Facebook page.

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