Ghana 2019 – May 29

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“The one who loves his fellow Christian resides in the light, and there is no cause for stumbling in him.” 1John 2:10

This morning the Lord sent us to 3 different schools to minister to hundreds of children. Some of the team members traveled across town to meet with the children at Frobel International school. They had called a few days ago, being aware of the team’s present mission efforts, inviting us to do a program for the children. Emmanuel Senior along with Caroline, Emmanuel Junior and Alfred provided the gospel to this school of several hundred students, splitting into two programs for the older and younger students. The rest of the team traveled to nearby Modern school to meet with the JHS students, and brother Ofori, Stephen and Nathaniel provided gospel messages for the attentive students. Then the van took us to our last school, St. Hubert’s. At this school the headmaster divided the students into primary, upper primary and JHS, so that we had to split our team members into three groups and attend to each group simultaneously. This was not planned, so we had to be ready at the moment, and it was inspirational to see the team all attend to their various preaching responsibilities and ably present a clear message to all the children. The schools have all received us positively, and we have had many invitations to return again to share the gospel message to the children in the future. The Lord has indeed blessed us to have these opportunities to make the gospel known to many young hearts here in Ghana.

“Is My hand shortened at all that it cannot redeem? Or have I no power to deliver?” Isaiah 50:2b

We have come to the end of a wonderful two weeks of evangelism, discipleship, fellowship and worship. It is difficult to describe the thrill we have felt at each school of looking out over hundreds of young, eager faces, standing in the African sun, listening attentively to gospel of the God who is seeking them to worship Him. To stand at the front of the group, sing a simple song in Twi and see their delight in hearing us speak their language is a privilege for each one of us. And to know that approximately eight thousand young lives have been touched by the Saviour’s love with a clear message is an amazing thing to contemplate. The doors are wide open here in Ghana to preach to school children, and we pray with the Ghanaian believers that adversary will not be allowed to close them.

The afternoon was spent in Kenyase for tract distribution and personal witnessing. Shiloh was able to share the love of God to a group of seamstresses who seemed to listen well. Stephen had a good opportunity in a hair salon, with one woman especially listening and thinking about the message he was bringing. Many of the occasions the Lord has given us to share the good news have come in shops and other places of business, where not only do the workers not mind our interruption but happily listen to someone explain the gospel wristband or read a tract while they work. Again, these open doors are precious and we hope they continue to provide places where believers can seek souls for the kingdom of God. 

Thankfully the rain held off tonight for the showing of the second half of the Jesus movie in Twi. By the end of the movie a large crowd had gathered around and stayed to listen to Zachery share his testimony and Emmanuel Sr. preach the gospel. So many children have been at each and every movie night, and have heard the message of salvation many times. We are hopeful that the seed, having been planted over these two weeks, will be watered in the weeks to come and result in a great harvest for the Lord and for the church here in Kumasi. We look forward to the Lord glorifying His name in many lives.

Thank you again for praying. We are looking forward to seeing the fruit of the work that has gone on during these two weeks. Click here to go to our Facebook page for more updates, pictures and videos. 

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