Belize 2019 – February 23

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This morning the guys on the team attended a men’s breakfast at Western Dairy, a local restaurant. About 24 men from three area assemblies came out and we had the entire upper floor of the restaurant to ourselves. We enjoyed a delicious, typical Belizean breakfast: Fry Jack, beans and scrambled eggs. Don provided some spiritual food from the Word, and Gideon New testaments were given to the staff who served us.

About 24 were in attendance for the Men’s Breakfast at Western Dairy

At 10 am the team set up for street evangelism at the market by the bus terminal once again. Vera and Emily went to the Millers’ to hold a kids club.

Saturday at the market is a big, bustling place with a cacophony of noises, colours and smells. This time we had five Belizean believers join us. Ian and his boys brought the sound system again and helped with the street preaching. The amazing thing is how receptive the people are to the literature and message. After handing out many hundreds of tracts I (Sean) only found two on the ground after we were finished, and one of those had fallen off a vender’s table. In Canada there would always be dozens thrown away or tossed in the garbage. Many of the team engaged in conversation with vendors and passersby and one older gentleman requested prayer. Sean and Wayne preached in Spanish and we had plenty of Spanish literature. This was well received by the many Salvadoran, Guatemalan and Honduran vendors.


For lunch the team visited a very nice air-conditioned Taiwanese restaurant. The plan was to take the team for some souvenir shopping in the afternoon, but everyone was too tired and a bit sunburned. The unanimous decision was to opt for a siesta. Plus, some had to prepare for ministry for Sunday meetings.

In the evening the team was hosted for supper by a lovely couple and their daughter from Grace Chapel. Dr. Godinez and his wife are long time friends of Sean and Vera and have been a huge blessing and help to many teams through the years. Their hospitality and friendly conversation was so refreshing for the team. Full of good Belizean food, the team was more than ready to call it a day. Tomorrow the team will be visiting all the area assemblies to fellowship and minister the Word.

Praise God with us for continued safety and health. Pray for the seed sown. The pace can be exhausting at times and the team would appreciate your prayers for strength.

-Sean for the team

Thank you to all who are praying for and supporting this effort. Click here to go to our Facebook page for more updates, pictures and videos from the current eTeam in Belize!

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